Signature “Conditioning” Facial Treatment

75-90 minutes     $90

This skin conditioning treatment, tailored for your individual skin type and conditions, includes a deep pore cleansing and an enzyme exfoliation to speed up cellular turnover to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin. Designed to deliver healthier, radiant skin; this cleanse and repair facial includes necessary extractions, soothing aromatics, a calming face, neck, and shoulder massage, a customized treatment mask, corrective serums and hydration along with a moisturizing hand/arm mask or head massage. Skin is left smoother, clearer and healthier than before.
Ultrasonic, Galvanic, High Frequency, Electroporation, or LED Light Therapy technologies included as needed in treatment with no extra charge.


Rapid Radiance Facial Treatment

30 minutes     $45

This “touch up” version of the Signature Facial or targeted session keeps you progressing toward your skin improvement goals as a tune up in between regular treatments or when you are in a rush. This can either be an express version of the Signature Facial Treatment or focused treatment of one of the following enhancements: LED therapy, Electroporation, or Ultrasonic treatment.

Customized Facial Treatment

Choose Hydrating, Balancing, Lifting, Acne, or Rosacea

60 min       $80

The perfect treatment will be created for you to bring your skin into optimum health and balance and to bring you into a tranquil, relaxed state! Cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, basic extractions, massage, treatment mask, corrective serums, and hydration all suitable for your particular skin needs.

Gentlemen’s Facial Treatment

60 min     $75

A perfect way to relax and feel restored while improving the appearance and feel of your skin. You will experience a thorough deep cleansing with extractions, skin smoothing exfoliating, plus soothing muscle tension relief massage, customized mask to tone and moisturize your skin. Sculpting to lift and tone for a more youthful look.

Oxygen Rx Treatment

60 min     $125

A solid-state oxygen treatment that does not use hydrogen peroxide or gas wands. Instead, oxygen is generated on the skin by an enzyme action. This relaxing facial works well treating acne, rosacea, compromised capillaries, and any skin type.

SWiCH Anti-Aging Treatment

60 min    $125

Activate your body’s natural repair system to restore youthful appearance to both sun-damaged skin and intrinsic skin aging changes. The peel alternative works to help the body generate its own cellular energy, safely replenishing healthy components of the skin without inflicting damage. This revolutionary treatment has no downtime and leaves the skin looking luminous and firmer with an even, balanced skin tone. This treatment continues to repair the skin for 28 consecutive days.

Fire and Ice Rejuvenator Treatment

60 min    $125

Tingly heat and intense cold for skin rejuvenation that is suitable for all skin types including acne, and rosacea. This is an intensive facial treatment that will soften fine lines, increase firmness, improve skin tone, and create the most beautiful glowing complexion.

The “fire” phase consists of the use of steam and a resurfacing treatment that features glycolic acid, lactic acid, enzymes, and retinol as well as plant stem cells, peptides, and antioxidants. During the fire phase, you’ll feel tingly heat as the circulation to your skin is dramatically increased and the resurfacing agents go to work. After the fire phase, the “ice” phase begins. During the ice phase of the facial, you’ll receive a super-cooled hydrating gel mask that contains more plant stem cells, peptides, anti-inflammatory agents, colloidal silver and gold. This mask will begin the process of calming and soothing your skin. Once the mask has lost its cool (no pun intended), the real icing treatment begins. Special cooling globes will be glided across all areas of your skin. This icing phase closes and tightens your pores, increases skin smoothness, constricts blood vessel activity at the skin’s surface (a good thing after all the stimulation from the previous phase), and promotes a gorgeous, vibrant glow to your complexion. Although an intense treatment, this facial causes no social downtime. You can resume normal activities the same day, and you can wear makeup as soon as you’d like.