Level 1   All single layer peels of Lactic, Salicylic, or Glycolic based solutions.

Level 2

  • All blended treatments consisting of 2 of the above solutions
  • Retinol boosted peels
  • Up to 2 layers of Jessner’s Solution

Level 3     3+ layers of Jessner’s Solution

Chemical Peeling Performed Responsibly

Whether you’ve received facial peels in the past or are new to the concept of peeling, you can feel confident knowing that my approach to resurfacing is responsible and respectful of the delicate composition of your precious skin.

No matter the method – whether it is a chemical peel, Oxygeneo treatment, or even home-methods of exfoliation – resurfacing of the skin in a healthful way is an activity that requires extensive knowledge of how your skin functions, what causes are at the root of your skin care concerns, and what the overall health of your skin really is.

For this reason, I will perform a thorough consultation with you prior to beginning any peel treatment or peel regimen

In this consultation we will cover:

  • Your skin care and health history to be certain if a facial peel is right for you
  • Your skin care goals and expectations: I will determine if the areas or conditions you are looking to improve can be positively impacted by a chemical peel service.
  • Your current beauty regimine at home:  Certain home-care steps are necessary to ensure the best result for your

Once I work with you to establish that you are a good candidate for a facial peel, I will choose your peel based on the information gained during our consultation and a comprehensive skin analysis. Skin varies from condition, to color, to vitality. With this in mind, your services will be customized to your skin every visit.

It is also important to note that the goal of peeling services should not be to always force an aggressive, visible shedding of the skin. Modern peeling solutions can now create positive change in the skin without causing excessive, unsightly shedding, irritation, and redness. A small handful of clients with particularly challenging skin may rarely require a stronger solution – but again, this is the rare case – not the norm.

For the well being, safety, and cosmetic improvement of your skin I only work with peels that feature advanced technology and unique blends of ingredients.

Plant stem cells, polypeptides, powerful antioxidants, and healing minerals are all formulated into the peels I work with. These ingredients work to build your skin, protect your skin, reduce negative side effects, and improve skin healing.

Skin care concerns, which can often be improved with controlled and precise peeling techniques are:

  • Uneven pigmentation and sun spots
  • Appearance of fine lines
  • Poor texture and uneven skin tone
  • Oily and congested skin with clogged pores
  • Breakout prone skin (non-inflammatory)
  • Lackluster skin with poor radiance

As a final note, although peels can be a powerful tool in improving the appearance of your skin, they must not be the “only tool in your toolbox”!

When resurfacing the skin, it is absolutely critical to also nourish the skin, balance it, and provide it with the necessary actives to rebuild itself in a healthy way; this is key to attaining and maintaining vibrant, beautiful skin. Proper home care products, limiting the number of peels you receive in a year, and balancing your resurfacing services with nourishing services are all important aspects of a responsible, viable, skin care road-map.