If you’ve landed here, chances are that you or someone you love is struggling with acne. Maybe you’re just now beginning to research what acne treatment options are available to you, or perhaps you’re exhausted from trying countless products and medications that haven’t worked out. Either way, I can help.

The Acne Clearing at Radiant You Skin Solutions is based on the principles, products, and treatments of the Face Reality Acne Clinic. I am a Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist and the Acne Treatment Program I offer is a one-on-one treatment program designed just for you and the unique needs of your skin.

This program is a comprehensive program that involves a combination of safe, yet effective, professional treatments. High-quality, clean home care products, personalized education on possible contributing factors to your acne, and intensive customization of your treatment program help to ensure your skin gets clear and stays clear. During the process of clearing your skin, I will be your personal acne-fighting coach. I’m here to answer your questions, encourage you, and provide you with all the tools you’ll need to see your complexion become clear and healthy.

If you’re ready to learn more about the Acne Clearing Program and why having an Acne Coach is so very important to your success, check out the links below. There is a wealth of information here, so take your time with it, and never hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

I cannot wait to see you with clear skin!

How the Acne Clearing Program Works

Acne is a challenging skin disorder, and traditional methods for clearing acne often fail because they either a) aren’t addressing the real root of the problem, or b) the treatments, medications, and products are typical cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all methods that simply aren’t suitable for each individual person’s needs.

When you come to Radiant You Skin Solutions for an Acne Consultation, you’re going to experience something quite different. Together, we will complete a comprehensive consultation, skin analysis, and skin sensitivity test. Based on the results of the consultation, I will provide you with a tailored plan for clearing your skin – not just “a” plan – but your own personalized, customized road map for clearing bothersome breakouts and healing your precious skin.

How the Program Begins:

  1. Schedule a consultation
  2. During your first consultation you’ll complete a comprehensive Client Questionnaire. Then, I will:
    1. Review your Client Questionnaire with you
    2. Perform an in-depth Skin Analysis to determine what type of acne you have and that it actually is acne you’re struggling with (certain disorders may look like acne, but are not – and this is a critical thing to know)
    3. Go over important lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your breakouts
    4. Check out any dietary factors that may be complicating the condition of your skin
    5. Discuss key ingredients that can be problematic for your skin and how to avoid them when you’re shopping for personal care products
    6. Perform a Personalized Skin Sensitivity Test to determine which treatment products will best suit your skin
    7. Complete a professional grade Acne Treatment* on your skin to begin the clearing process (if you scheduled a consultation and treatment)
    8. Consult with you to determine if you are committed to getting clear skin – I can’t clear you alone, we have to work as a team!
    9. Provide you with a tailored guideline for your acne home care products including what you’ll need and how to use them

What Next?

After our initial consultation and your first treatment, you are on your way to clear skin. We’ll continue this journey together through the following steps of the program:

  1. You’ll use your home care products every morning and evening exactly as your personalized guideline explains
  2. Every two weeks, you’ll come in for a Professional Skin Clearing Treatment – these treatments are the super boosts you’ll need to get clear
  3. During your visits, I will analyze your skin, check your progress, and your home care regimen will be adjusted – these adjustments are absolutely critical to clearing your skin
  4. Once you’re clear, we go into maintenance mode – adjusting your regimen to support the health of your skin while reducing actives as much as possible

*In some cases, a first treatment is not suitable during the consultation process. Should this be the case, we will complete all other aspects of the consultation and the initial treatment can be scheduled for a date in the future.


  • Consultation with Treatment – $100 (best option for those who are serious and ready to get started)
  • Consultation only – $50
  • Follow-Up Treatments – $75
  • Package of 3 Follow-Up Treatments – $200

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Don’t! I’m your skin specialist. You’re not going it alone.

This program, as detailed as it may be, is really very simple when it comes to using it. Everything will be laid out for you, and all you have to do is follow the steps. It can work if you work it!

The Acne Treatment Program at Radiant You Skin Solutions is non-medical in nature, and health insurance is not accepted.

Products for Acne Prone Skin

Safe, Non-Pore Clogging Products for the Management of Acne At the core of the Acne Clearing Program are a selection of clean, safe skin care products that are guaranteed not to clog pores. The Face Reality system of products is a comprehensive selection of specialized formulas that allow me, your acne care coach, to develop a very customized home care plan just for you.

Whether you have just a few blemishes or are struggling with severe acne, whether your breakouts are inflamed, not inflamed, or a combination, whether you’re dry, oily, or normal – sensitive or not so – the beauty of the Face Reality system is that I have the appropriate range of products to work with your skin’s particular needs.

Many acne systems are a one-size-fits-all approach. There are a core of 4, 5 or 6 products that are supposed to magically work across every type of acne and every skin tone. You spend countless dollars and even more frustration on solutions that just don’t pan out. If you happen to be sensitive, hang it up – most acne products aren’t even formulated for you. Darker skin tone? Same thing. Dry skin? Again, the same. Oily, but reactive to products? The typical formulas out there will disappoint, but you already know that.

Then, we have the medical side to contend with. The prescription lotions, the antibiotics, risk factors with Accutane, and others. You see, at its root, acne is not a bacterial problem. Antibiotics work against bacteria, but they do not address the cause of acne. In the process of killing off trapped bacteria in your skin, you’re also losing beneficial bacteria that your body desperately needs. Many common prescription topicals that are prescribed for breakout prone skin contain pore clogging ingredients. How is that useful? Drying out your skin, causing irritation, and clogging your pores all for the sake of clearing acne? That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

What You Need

  • A viable selection of products that will really assist in clearing your acne
  • Clean products – no pore clogging ingredients
  • Safe products – no risky medications that may not clear your acne
  • A customized regimen for your skin type, condition, tone, sensitivity level, and your specific type of acne
  • A product system that can be increased and decreased as needed to address changes in your skin
  • A system that can still work for you after you’re clear – without damaging and excessively drying your skin
  • Affordability – the average, personalized set of Face Reality products will cost far less than you’d spend on medications and designer brands that fail
  • Someone to teach you what to use, when to use it, how to use it, how much to use – and what to do if you ever hit a bump in the road – that’s me!


Face Reality products give you all of the above, and of course, I give you the last little bullet point there – a real person to coach you through the process of learning about your products, using them correctly, and someone to celebrate with you as you watch your skin get better and better along the way.